Exploratory Visit

The Exploratory Visit


  • to familiarize you with the Fredericton Jewish Community
  • to familiarize you with potential employment opportunities
  • to gather information about the city, environment and people in order to project what your life would be like in Fredericton

Information interviews will be scheduled for you and for your spouse. If you travel alone you should be prepared to represent your spouse at all related meetings.

Prior to your visit we will arrange an itinerary and send it to you via e-mail. The itinerary may not necessarily apply only to you. We reserve the right to combine your interviews with other candidates. You might want to have other interviews with employers of your choosing during your visit, as long as they do not impact your pre-defined itinerary. Unless you make other arrangements we provide transportation and assistance for each of the interviews, except those you make yourself.

We will also arrange a tour of the city and visits to malls and grocery stores to provide you with more information about the city life.

An information session and tour with a Fredericton realtor is included to provide you with some insight on apartment locations and typical Canadian style housing. The tour is not intended to visit houses or apartments for sale. You may want to make your own arrangements for this purpose.  You will also visit the Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF), the association that provides resettlement services to immigrants, an insurance agent who will advise you about motor vehicle insurance, a representative of the public school system and Enterprise Fredericton to learn about employers and economic development in the Fredericton region.

Once the scheduled events on the itinerary are completed, you will have some time to travel around the city.

After you return home, you and your spouse will decide whether you want to proceed with the immigration process and let us know your decision via the immigration@fredshul.ca  site.  If you decide to proceed, we will provide a Report of Visit, labour market resource feedback and the Letter of Support to the NBPNP.  When your completed application for immigration arrives, your file is complete and ready for NBPNP evaluation.    .

Please use the immigration@fredshul.ca  for all communication with the committee.  This will assure you of an official response to your questions.

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