Israeli Innovation Program

Press Release: Israeli Innovation Program Modeled on Grand Challenges Canada 

Ottawa, ON – Today, the State of Israel announced the first wave of funding for the recently launched Grand Challenges Israel program. Modeled after Grand Challenges Canada, the ten selected Israeli innovation projects – in diverse research fields such as cancer, malaria, aquaculture, and wheelchair technology – were unveiled at a meeting between Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird and his Israeli counterpart, Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

In response, Shimon Koffler Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), issued the following statement:

Chanukah 2014

Chanukah 2014

11Our Chanukah party held at the shul on the 6th night was well attended, with a large and tasty variety of Ayten, Shelly Ross and Marilyn’s doughnuts and canopies eaten to the festive songs of Michelle Buyko and Howard. Menorahs were lit and draidels were provided by Shandy and played with by the kids (both young and old). Thank you to all the other volunteers that made the evening such a success.

Chanukah Party


Please Join Us for Annual Chanukah Party

All are welcome, and refreshments will be provided.
We look forward to celebrating with you.

Volunteers needed morning of Dec.21st setup 11:00 am and clean up after the party.

Bring your menorah and candles for lighting

Sunday, December 21,2014 at 4:00-6:00pm
Sgoolai Israel Synagogue

RSVP on or before Dec. 18th to Shelley Stephens 457-2162 (leave a message)

The Center for Jewish History

The Center for Jewish History is a cultural institution, independent research facility and destination for the exploration of Jewish history and heritage. It is home to five partner organizations: American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

The partners’ archival collections span more than 700 years of history and total over 500,000 volumes and 100 million documents (in 23 languages and 52 alphabet systems). The collections also include thousands of artworks, textiles, ritual objects, recordings, films and photographs.

One nation to be envied

One nation to be envied

 By Melanie Phillips, November 20, 2014

 I recently returned from a speaking tour in Canada and the US, talking mainly but not exclusively to Jewish groups. Two things in particular struck me about Canada. The first was the strange experience of being in a country led by a leader who actually leads.

I have long admired Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, for his outspoken support for Israel and moral courage. I remarked as much at a number of my events. Every time, the audience applauded fervently before I finished what I was saying and even leapt to its feet in its emotion.

True, these were mainly conservatively minded audiences. Even so, can you imagine British gatherings displaying such enthusiasm over David Cameron? Quite.

The second thing was the alarm over the twin issues of Islamic terrorism and campus anti-Israel activity. A few days before I arrived, Canada had been horrified by terrorist attacks in Montreal and Ottawa. At the same time, it seems many Canadian universities – like campuses in Britain – are facilitating the intimidation of Jewish students, who run a gauntlet of verbal attacks and threatening behaviour in a relentless campaign of demonisation against Israel.

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In Defence of Zionism








In Defence of Zionism

Gadi Taub is a prominent Israeli historian, author, screenwriter, political commentator and Senior Lecturer in the School Public Policy and the Department of Communications at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He spoke to a Fathom Forum about the struggle for the soul of Zionism. The ‘Zionism of liberty’, based on the principle of the self-determination of peoples, fights for hegemony with a messianic ‘Zionism of land’, which, he argued drives the settler ideology. Taub made the case for liberal Zionism. Zionism is seriously misconceived outside of Israel. It…

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Fredericton Community Barbecue

A successful barbecue co-sponsored by the AJC (Atlantic Jewish Council) and CIJA (Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs) and hosted by Ayten and Marc Kranat, was held Sunday, Aug.17th. Organized by Marilyn Kaufman, Chair of the Atlantic CIJA Local Partnership Council and Ayten Kranat, Fredericton AJC representative, the event was well attended by local members of the Jewish community and invited guests.

Executive Director of the AJC, John Goldberg, and Atlantic Region Consultant for CIJA, Mark David, were on hand to meet the community.

The Honorable Keith Ashfield, MLA’s Carl Urquhart, Brian Macdonald and Craig Leonard were in attendance along with Richard Blaquiere, columnist with The Woodstock Bugle. People had the opportunity to meet and speak with their elected government representatives in an informal setting.

Thank you to the star chefs for the afternoon, Marc Kranat and Seymour Kaufman.

A BIG THANK YOU to Jon Goldberg, Mark David, the AJC and CIJA for their assistance. As well, thank you to all those in the community who came out, in spite of the inclement weather, to make this event a success.