Sgoolai Israel Community Support Agreement

Sgoolai Israel Community Support Agreement

Our unique agreement with the Province of New Brunswick is the Community Support Stream of the NBPNP.  Applicants follow requirements and instructions for applying as Skilled Workers with Employer Support under the NBPNP.  However, our community Letter of Support replaces the Employer Letter of Support when the application is submitted.

Our agreement with the Province specifies that the community can sponsor young families who identify as being Jewish.  We determine as best we can if the principal applicants have good chances of employment in the Fredericton job market and if they have high English and/or French language skills.  We also expect them to become dues paying members of the Synagogue.

Promising candidates are issued invitations for a week exploratory visit at their expense.   An NBPNP officer interviews the candidate during the visit.  If the officer gives preliminary approval and the immigration committee is convinced of the candidate’s employment prospects, language fluency and sincerity to join the community, the candidate returns home to start the formal application process. Applications must be first sent to NBPNP for approval before they can be submitted to the Federal government for scrutinizing and processing.

It currently takes two years before visas are issued for immigration to Canada.  Unlike immigrants under the Employer Support stream who must reside in Canada for two years before the principal applicant is granted Permanent Resident (PR) status, families who arrive under the Community Support Stream are granted PR status on arrival.

If you are thinking of making a move, we invite you to get in touch with us.  Please visit Applying for Immigration to New Brunswick Under the Community Support Agreement.

Click here to read the 10 Year Anniversary Report of our Community Support Agreement

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