News Letter

From Your New President

Well maybe not quite so new.

As you can see from our newly elected Board, we represent a cross-section of the Community.  Although we have just 50 members, the Board consists of 13 individuals.  Our Community contains a wide variety of practices and beliefs, but we are united in our desire to see an Organized Jewish Community here in Fredericton.

Having sat on the Board for years, I believe this Board represents a wider cross-section of our Community than in the past.  A few things that separate this Board from the past:

–        Our first female vice & 2nd vice presidents.

–        The number of women on the Board

–        The fact that each Board Member has a specific area of responsibility (no members at large).

We have already met twice since being elected and have an ambitious program.  As you can see we have restarted the Community Newsletter.  In addition we have started work in a number of areas.  I don’t want to list them all here – but I am certain that most of the Board did not realize the amount of work that was going to be involved.  When I took on this position, I knew from past experience that there was a major time commitment.  My initial estimate of 20 hours/week seems to have been a little light.  I am very grateful to my fellow Board Members and various Members of the Community for helping share the load.

Our Community consists of a broad range of beliefs.  Unlike most common beliefs people hold, religious beliefs have the potential to be more sensitive, even explosive.  As we only have the one Community here in Fredericton, the Board is striving to send out the message that we seek to be more inclusive and less confrontational.  Just as we respect the beliefs of others, we expect that same respect in return.   There are those on both sides of the argument who believe that theirs is the only correct view.  The Board struggles to find a path that will be acceptable to all, not a path that is acceptable to most or even to the majority.  So far, we have been fortunate and the decisions that we have made have been mainly by consensus.  As mentioned above, the Board represents a wide variety of beliefs.  We have worked hard to avoid a majority rules model (whether it is 51% or even a 2/3 majority).  We are working hard to be all inclusive.

Once again I would like to thank my fellow board Members for the commitment and work that they have shown, and of course to my family for allowing me to commit so much of my time to this position.

Arnold Chippin