Rosh Chodesh

 Rosh Chodesh Women’s Prayer service

Kislev 1st 5770 – November 18th 2009

History was made in Fredericton, NB on the first day of Kislev, 5770. On that Wednesday morning, we had a Torah service at the Sgoolai Israel Synagogue, which was led by the WOMEN of the congregation. Never before have we had this happen in our synagogue. Let me give special thanks to our new spiritual leader, Rabbi Yosef Goldman.   He is working very hard to involve all members of our congregation and provided all the material and guidance to make this service become a reality. It was complete with muffins and coffee at 9:00am and a Kiddush following the service.

Services began at 9:30am sharp. Yours truly, Carol Airst, was the Gabai. I had to do a very quick brush-up with my Hebrew reading. Marilyn Kaufman opened the morning service prayers. She also did the Sh’mah. Then Edye Besner led the Shemoneh Esrei – Amidah part of the service. This was followed with Ellen Lupu and her daughter, Lily Samuels doing the Hallel. Before the Torah Service, Roz Brown opened the arc and closed it after removing the Torah. Lea Adilman removed the Torah and led the procession around the sanctuary. Four women completed the day’s portion of the Torah Service. They appeared in the following order: Ruth Chippin, Lea Adilman, Marilyn Kaufman, and Ziv Iancu-Haliva. Leona Brown, with the assistance of Rabbi Goldman, returned the Torah to the Aron Kodesh. Then a beautiful Devar Torah was given by Sydelle Grobe. Finally the service was concluded with everyone singing Oleinu L’Shabeach.

Following the service, there was a Kiddush sponsored by Josh Samuels (husband of Ellen Lupu and father of Lily Samuels) for everyone to enjoy. He wanted to honour our first ever women’s service and he wanted it to be nice. It was beautiful and had all the trimmings of good Jewish food, including the lox. For those of you who are still reading this in disbelief I have included pictures for proof. I might add there were several cameras going full speed for the service. Some of our members make great photographers.

Special thanks to Mitch Budovitch and Cary Grobe. The service was well attended and Tevet is only one month away