Applying for Immigration to New Brunswick under the Community Support Agreement

Express Entry Skilled Foreign Workers

The provincial stream is for highly skilled labour. Typically people with post-secondary education. Alternatively, the can apply federally at Canada Immigration where they have a few streams opened.

This new electronic immigration management system makes it easier for skilled
foreign workers to become permanent residents in Canada through:

• Faster Citizenship and Immigration Canada processing times for permanent
residency applications

• Greater opportunity to apply through three Federal immigration programs
and the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

• Increased possibility to be matched with employers seeking
skilled workers

NBPNP is a committed partner in the immigration process. Access to
Express Entry is a priority to ensure New Brunswick is positioned for
economic and population growth.

Express Entry Pool

Skilled foreign workers interested in coming to Canada must
complete an online Express Entry profile. If they meet the minimum
criteria for Express Entry, they will be placed in a pool of skilled
workers who may be matched with interested employers, seeking
to hire foreign workers to fulfill their labour market needs.
Candidates with a valid job offer from a New Brunswick employer
or an NBPNP Nomination will be quickly invited to apply for
permanent residence in Canada during an upcoming Round of

If a candidate does not already have a valid job offer or a
Provincial Nomination, they must register with Job Bank, which
will connect them with employers.

Job Bank

This easy-to-use, online search tool will help match Express
Entry candidates with employers and jobs, based on their skills,
knowledge, and experience.

Employer Recruiting

Skilled foreign workers can still be recruited by employers outside the Express Entry system in the same ways they
are now. Candidates interested in immigrating simply enter Express Entry with a valid job offer in hand, triggering an
invitation to apply for permanent residency.

Through the Government of Canada’s modernized Job Bank, skilled foreign nationals and eligible employers in
Canada will be able to connect with one another more easily. Later in 2015, Job Bank will “match” eligible employers
with Express Entry candidates who meet their job requirements when there are no Canadians or permanent residents

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Applicants must apply to, and be nominated by, the NBPNP Express Entry stream. This can happen in two ways:

1. NBPNP finds candidates in the Express Entry pool and invites them to apply to the program
2. NBPNP recruits candidates directly (outside of the pool), nominates them, and then has candidates create a
profile in the Express Entry pool. Upon completion, they are invited by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to
apply for permanent residency
Through the NBPNP Express Entry stream, the provincial staff will be able to recruit candidates to meet local labour
market needs.

Invitation to Apply

A candidate will be given an “Invitation to Apply” for permanent residence if they have a valid job offer from an
employer or a nomination from NBPNP.

Candidates without a nomination or a valid full-time job offer may still be issued an invitation to apply for permanent
residency. Candidates will be ranked on human capital (age, education, language, work experience, etc.) and
adaptability (ability to integrate economically in the community) criteria. Only the highest ranking candidates
(including those with valid job offers or provincial nominations) will be invited to apply for permanent residency.

CIC has committed to processing most applications in six months or less.

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